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Clear 15 oz. Calypso Jar

Clear 15 oz. Calypso Jar

Our biggest candle with a cotton wick, this jar holds 15 oz. of all natural soy wax and lasts approximately 100-105 hours.


*Scent Descriptions*

Asian Sandlewood - Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

Sweet ordange and light jasmine and cedar provide a woodsy, warm feel with lingering undertones of vanilla, amber and sandlewood.


Chasin' Rainbows - Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

This sweet fruity fragrance of tart lemon and sweet orange is bursting with flavor along with soft lavender, corn cereal notes and sweetened with a base of vanilla blended with warm sandalwood. Inspired by the Fruity Pebbles cereal and named in memory of Tori Luke (see The Tori Luke Foundation on our Fundraising page).


Cocoa Butter Cashmere - Scent Strength: Medium

A warm, cozy fragrance that creates a comforting ambiance with notes of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness.


Coconut Mango - Scent Strength: Medium

A mouth watering lush blend of tropical fruits include peach, banana, strawberry, apple coupled with sweet island coconut as well as a touch of vanilla.


Cucumber Melon - Scent Strength: Light to Medium

Crisp, clean cucumber mingled with fresh cut melon.


Fresh Outdoors - Scent Strength: Light

Fresh rainwater with a hint of citrus highlights this clean scent of an ocean mist. Generous notes of musk and sheer woods blends with sea moss at the base of the scent.


Honeysuckle Jasmine - Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

This floral aroma has light citrus topnotes, followed by a sensual smell of jasmine along with fresh blooming honeysuckle combined with rose petal hints to complete this aroma.


Huckleberry & Sugar Blossom - Scent Strength: Light to Medium

The combination of fruity notes of orange, grape, raspberry, blackberry blended with gardenia, sugar and sweet musk make this the perfect light scent to fill a any room.


Island Mango - Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

Clean and fresh top notes of citrus and mango with middle and base notes of pineapple, jasmine, and rose makes this a perfect scent of the tropics.


Jamaica Me Crazy - Scent Strength: Medium

A taste of the tropics in this combination of island red fruits (papaya, apple, berries) blended with juicy citrus (grapefruit, orange) and bright leaf accords with base notes of creamy sweet coconut.


Mahogany Teakwood Type - Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

The perfect masculine scents of cedar wood, oak wood and warm mahogany topped with hints of lavender and geranium, makes this perfect duplication inspired by the BBW® scent.


Ocean Mist - Scent Strength: Light

Fresh ocean air and citrus blend with a floral aroma for a sea moss and sea salt base.


Passion Fruit & Guava - Scent Strength: Medium

A fruity, floral combination of green apples, orange, rose, jasmine, lavendar and violet with a warm, musky base.


Patchouli Amber - Scent Strength: Medium

Citrus married with lily and warm clove with bottom notes of patchouli and musk.


Peach Magnolia - Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

Peach nectar blended with magnolia blooms create the perfect balance of fruity and floral.


Seagrass & Sage - Scent Strength: Medium

Notes of aldehydes, pineapple, basil, thyme, citrus, marine, rosemary, sage, sea salt, green foliage, cedar leaf, floral, camphor, eucalyptus, tonka bean, vanilla musks, woody and oak moss make this an oceanside aroma that sweeps you away.


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